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YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R, is an introductory e-book to the R programming language written for people with little to no programming experience.

This whole story started in the summer of 2015. I was taking a late night swim on the Bodensee in Konstanz and saw a rusty object sticking out of the water. Upon digging it out, I realised it was an ancient usb-stick with the word YaRrr inscribed on the side. Intrigued, I brought it home and plugged it into my laptop. Inside the stick, I found a single pdf file written entirely in pirate. After watching several pirate movies (ok, maybe just the Goonies 10,000 times), I learned enough pirate to begin translating the text to English. Sure enough, the book turned out to be an introduction to R called YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R.

This book clearly has both massive historical and pedagogical significance. Most importantly, it turns out that pirates were programming in R well before the earliest known advent of computers. Of slightly less significance is that the book has turned out to be a surprisingly up-to-date and approachable introductory text to R. For both of these reasons, I felt it was my duty to share the book with the world.

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I originally wrote the book in LaTeX for a traditional PDF output. This version works great for printing. However, it is difficult to update, and cannot be easily displayed online. For these reasons, I am in the process of converting the book to a web-friendly, HTML format using the fantastic Bookdown package. This version will continually be updated whie the original LaTeX version will (most likely) not.

Version In development? GitHub Link
Online Book Link Yes! https://github.com/ndphillips/ThePiratesGuideToR
PDF Book Link No -

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I am a huge proponent of open source software (like R) and open science. So a version of this book will always be freely available! That said translating and updating the book takes quite a bit of time. So if you like the book, and want to see it get even better with more pirate-speak and terrible jokes, consider throwing some gold my way by clicking the donation button or go to paypal.me/ThePiratesGuideToR!