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Created with my VisualResume R package (see Visual Resume R Package).


My educational background is in mathematical statistics and experimental psychology with an emphasis on cognition and decision-making. I obtained a B.A. in Mathematics from Grinnell College, a M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Ohio University, and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Basel.

Research Philosophy

I am a cognitive scientist interested in decisions under uncertainty, with a focus on information search, impression formation, and decision making. I am passionate about R, open science, reproducible research, and Bayesian statistical methods.

Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about helping other learn, and love, statistical programming and open, reproducible science. For this reason, I regularly teach University courses from the Bachelor’s to the PhD level in Statistical Programming with R, where students learn by programming – not by passively listening to lectures. Outside of a University setting, I teach R to industry professionals through the BaselRBootcamp. To see examples of my teaching style and content, click the previous links.

Resume & CV

Selected Publications

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